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Time line

Time line
Time line
A chronological overview of how the project has progressed can be found below:

Time line  
Jan 2016 Decision to build new production location Fresh Care Convenience
May 2016 Start of consortium collaboration
Aug 2016 Technical lay out commercial Vertical Farm
Dec 2016 Start testing with Lollo Biondo, Lollo Rosso and Frisee
Jan 2017 Start testing with Rocket
May 2017 Evaluation of testing various lettuce types
Jun 2017 Detailed engineering Vertical Farm and selection of supplier
Nov 2017 Review of timing for construction and commissioning Vertical Farm
Mar 2018 Decision to build the Vertical Farm in a new building next to
Fresh Care Convenience
Sep 2018 Waiting with construction start for formal confirmation of customer purchase commitment and government subsidy commitment
Winter 18/19 Subsidy confirmed. Now focus on realisation of a customer purchase commitment and inclusion of the most recent technological developments in the building plans.
Jan 2020  Divestment of a majority interest in Fresh Care Convenience. Exploration of how the Vertical Farming project can be continued within this new structure.

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